Welcome to Other People's Pets, an unique dog walking and pet care company in Brooklyn, NY. Founded in 2002, Other People's Pets has been serving the great dogs and cats of South Brooklyn for almost fifteen years. There are many dog walking options in the City, so what makes Other People's Pets so different? It's really simple. We treat every one of our dogs and cats that we care for like they were our own. There are a lot of dog walking companies out there, and many are driven by numbers and efficiencies- more dogs, and less time between dogs and walks. Other People's Pets approaches it from a different perspective- it's not a walk or a feeding, it's a cherished pet. So we schedule half hour walks for dogs, but more than likely that walk is going to be forty-five minutes or an hour. We walk the dogs in manageable packs of six or less, and we structure the time so that all the dogs get a sizable amount of time together— to play and socialize. For smaller groupings, and devoted individual or household pack walks, we focus in on the particular needs and quirks of the pets. We're kind of niche. We're definitely boutique.
A Little About Ourselves.
 Carol West founded Other People's Pets in 2002. Over the years she has gained a reputation as a dog and cat trainer and walker. Starting with a few dogs in Red Hook, her company has expanded to service pets in Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, Park Slope, Red Hook, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hills. From the inception of Other People's Pets, Carol has insisted on providing tailored, quality pet care services for her clients. She has assembled a dedicated roster of professional dog walkers to care for your special friend.
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Tel: 347-770-1065