Other People's Pets offers individual 'a la carte' walks, as well as monthly packages for your dog. We also offer packages for two dog households. Each walk is scheduled for 30 minutes duration; though as a policy, regularly scheduled dogs often receive longer walks when walked in groups in a particular neighborhood. We also match dogs of certain energy or dispositions together so that they all have an enjoyable walk. Other People's Pets really work with the dog and you to tailor the optimal walking situation. And if you have a dog with certain behavioral or socialization issues, we will work closely with that dog to overcome them. And every one of our walks includes basic leash training components to make your dog a better walker. We also have a dedicated puppy training program. Details outlining that program can be found on our Puppy Day Patrol page.
Our Individual Dog and Cat Rates We also have Monthly Prepaid Packages which include a discount. They are sized according to frequency and need. See the table below for a general description.
All packages are prepaid by the month. Weekly Rates are for your reference. Restrictions apply. Please contact us.
Click on the button below to fill out form telling us a little about your pet, yourself, and what package you think best suits your needs. Please also indicate what is the best time and best way (text, phone, or email) to schedule an initial consultation to meet you and your pet. Also let us know if you would care to subscribe to our newsletter with helpful tips about walking and caring for your pet.
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