We charge $40 dollars an hour for our hour long puppy service for three visits or less a week. The Rate is $35 an hour for four or more visits per week. During that scheduled hour we provide: a walk; playtime with other puppies; house training; leash training; and work to alleviate any environmental and adjustment anxieties as needed in consultation with you. We have uniquely tailored the visits and training to be a supplement to your busy schedule. Like us, canine infants require a lot of attention and affirmation in their infancy and youth. Other People's Pets can provide that assistance while you are at work. Puppy Day Patrol is available for puppies up to the age of one year. By that time we help transition your young puppy to walk and interact with older, adult dogs Puppy Day Patrol
Oh, what to do about puppy?! Let’s face it, puppies are babies with four legs and a tail. We want to be there for you as your puppy grows into a young dog. We design with you regimens that cover house training to leash training. A lot of problems with puppies arise because they are bored. Dogs are inquisitive creatures. And puppies need a lot of stimulation and exercise. If they don’t get that...well...you know, they find it in other ways– Shoes. Socks. Toilet paper. We offer extended walks so that your puppy is sufficiently pooped while you are away at work.
tel: 347-770-1065
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